About Us

Power in their hands, ownership in their hearts! At INVIS, the power of ownership drives us forward, with a strong majority of shares held by our dedicated employees.


Invis Group

INVIS Private Limited, formerly INVIS Multimedia Private Limited, has been offering Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions since 1996. Leveraging its vast expertise and proven credentials as a leading ICT Solutions Provider, INVIS has launched various initiatives towards popularising organic way of living, promoting Miyawaki-model afforestation as well as mitigating climate change. It has also embarked on a unique mission to permanently preserve the rich art and cultural heritage of the country.


We, at INVIS, are skilled, creative and passionate people, who are eager to help your business thrive. We bring passion to everything we do.


Work Portfolio

Innovation and passion have worked hand in hand for over two decades to provide each of our clients top notch, high quality products and services. Here is a glimpse into the works of INVIS, a reflection of the organisation itself.


INVIS has pioneered many trailblazing concepts and its exceptional brilliance is being recognised by an ever-growing list of national and international awards. In total, the products and services of INVIS have received 38 prestigious international and national awards.