The sustainable living portfolio of INVIS focusses on promoting the organic way of living, afforestation, and addressing climate change., the digital marketplace of Culture Shoppe Pvt. Ltd., aims at bridging the gap between traditional artisans and the urban consumer by marketing diverse hand-crafted products that reflect the tradition and culture of Kerala. It offers a plethora of indigenous Indian curios, artefacts, and organic products.

Products available through Culture Shoppe are sourced from different regions of India and are made by highly skilled artists, craftsmen and the like with traditional expertise and know-how.

Under the banner,, Culture Shoppe plays a significant role towards tackling climate change by popularising Miyawaki-model afforestation across the country.

INVIS introduced and established Miyawaki-model afforestation in Kerala. A few years ago, such a concept was unheard of in the state, perhaps in the country.

Today, INVIS has implemented 47 projects across Kerala, making God’s Own Country richer by 51,984 plants, and counting. Through, INVIS has been able to inspire the creation of several hundred micro forests across Kerala. is a humble attempt by Culture Shoppe Pvt. Ltd. to propagate sustainable lifestyle in a bid to tackle the looming water crisis.

Reducing water consumption at all possible levels is the need of the hour. That is where the thorthu becomes a truly remarkable product. Our mission is to promote Thorth globally as a replacement for the bath towel.

Thorthu, in Malayalam, translates into ‘removing moisture’, something it does efficiently, using a comparatively lesser quantity of water than its heavy counterpart, the regular bath towel.

The humble thorth derives its hardy qualities from a double strand flat weave technique that is used to make it by traditional weavers in different regions of Kerala. It is a sure way to reduce carbon footprint, use minimal water for keeping clean and a great souvenir to wake people up to the necessity of urgent action.